Ark; Stephen Baxter

An epic tale of mankind’s destruction due to rising sea levels. The hope of survival is put in the hands of an ambitious project Ark which intends to send just a small number of survivors to a new home planet (Earth 2). The book is of course fiction, but the author includes reference material in appendices based on real theoretical ideas, such as exosolar planets, interstellar travel, generation ships. He also provides a narrative in the qualities needed, and the science and practicalities of space travel by human explorers.


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2 Responses to Ark; Stephen Baxter

  1. mlfables says:

    I’d read Stephen Baxter’s book ‘Flood’ ages ago. I didn’t realise he had a sequel out for it. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  2. rgoucher says:

    Have read both Flood and Ark and find Ark the better of the two books to read. Ark flies along at a much faster pace than Flood and looks much closer at the characters and all their foibles. It also has some good Science in it, in particular the work of Alcubierre (warp drive physics) and the wonderful Orion engine (which NASA actually tested!). If you like science fiction, you’ll like Stephen Baxter and you’ll love Ark.

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