TV and Radio Guide w/c 25th March 2013

William Hurt as Richard Feynman – catch it quick on BBC iPlayer (picture

Firstly an apology: I missed The Challenger from the TV Guide last week. This was a brilliant drama based on the eminent physicist Richard Feynman’s key involvement in the investigating commission that looked into the cause of the fatal Challenger disaster in January 1986. William Hurt gave a fantastic portrayal of perhaps the greatest modern physicist (save for his broad New York accent). If you can catch the programme before it becomes unavailable on iPlayer it’s well worth a viewing. So, sorry for not spotting that fantastic programme, though I don’t often check the War and Disaster genre when compiling the Science TV and Radio Guide. To make up for this I have started a Scientists Collection in the Teaching Library and Richard is going start this off. It will contain books, videos, and anything else I can lay my hands on (when I get the chance – Easter holidays?)

While I’m in apology mode – I also forgot last week’s In Our Time (this doesn’t show up in the science section of the BBC programme listings either but I usually check it) which was about the work of Darwin’s contemporary (who independently conceived theory of evolution by natural selection) the biologist Alfred Russel Wallace.

@MrsDrSarah has collated this week’s guide so there shouldn’t be anything missing. It’s a lighter week this week, the BBC are clearing their schedules for all things Doctor Who I imagine (which starts next Saturday).  Sarah’s pick of the week is Horizon on Wednesday on the advances in transplants. She’s just taught this to her Year 11, and is going to point them towards this in the hope some will watch it and gain a wider perspective.

My pick of the week, aside from the plea that you catch  The Challenger before the programme is taken off iPlayer (sorry you have until Monday evening – why, BBC, was it not listed in the Science genre?), is Material World on Monday discussing the new findings of the Planck telescope. I saw Tim O’Brien (Associate Director of Jodrell Bank) give a public lecture in York on Wednesday evening and he finished with a teaser that there would be some exciting news in Thursday’s announcement. This turned out to be that Planck’s map of the cosmic microwave background radiation has allowed us to revise the age of the universe to 13.82 billion years and that the ratios of matter, dark matter and dark energy that make up the universe have changed from previous measurements. And one for the chemists (well everyone really if they can cope with 45 minutes chat on a single subject) is this week’s In Our Time about Water and what makes it so awesome (I’m trying to add some vim to IOT – I like it but it’s not for everyone).

Ok the video of the week: well I’ve just shared this one on twitter tonight but I’ll share with you all: SmarterEveryDay (aka Destin or @SmarterYouTube) produces some lovely science videos from his backyard (or off on his travels – including a lovely tour of Machu Picchu as well as helping out with some of the hi speed filming for Brady’s recent Periodic Videos) but this video absolutely floored me when I watched it today –  The Prince Rupert’s Drop. I’d never heard of this before but I was absolutely amazed and think it would be good for showing examples of tension or stored energy (a little bit like the Cobra Weave chain reaction). Check out the rest of Destin’s videos, he’s a smart guy who makes some smart videos!

Do leave a comment if anything piques your interest. We’d love to know if you or your students have any feedback about the science programmes.
You can download the xlsx guide here: tv-guide-25-march-13.xlsx  and a printable pdf version here:  tv-guide-25-march-13.pdf
I’ve collated all the links from this week’s guide in this bundle:
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Year group Title of the programme Why is it so great? When is it on? Link to the programme
Any enthusiastic people The Trials of Life (TV) This excellent series is concluded this week Mon 25 to Wed 27 March ~4:25pm,  BBC 2 (or on iPlayer)
GCSE Scientists Bang Goes the Theory (TV) The team look at the threats to our daily lives. Mon 25 March, 7:30pm BBC 1 (Tues 26th 6:30pm BBC 2 in Wales and NI)  (or on iPlayer)
A level scientists Material World (Radio) Adam Rutherford discusses new results from the Planck space telescope. Mon 25 March, 9pm, Radio 4, or available as a podcast
Key Stage 3 scientists Costing the Earth (Radio) Should the trade in exotic pets be banned? Tues 26 March, 3:30pm, Radio 4 (or on iPlayer)
GCSE and A level scientists Science Café (Radio) Adam Walton meets the founder of the Ig Nobel prizes – for scientific acheivement that makes people laugh and then think. Tues 26 March, 6:30pm, Radio 4 (or on iPlayer)
Future medics Horizon (TV) What can surgeons learn from other professions about how to avoid mistakes? Tues 26 March, 11:20pm, BBC 2  (or on iPlayer)
KS3/GCSE Physicists Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom (TV) Dick and Dom finish off the series by exploring the genius ideas of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Wed 27 March, 6:15pm, CBBC  (or on iPlayer)
Any enthusiastic people Insect Worlds (TV) Why are insects so abundant and successful? Wed 27 March, 8:30pm, BBC 4 (or on iPlayer)
GCSE Biologists Horizon (TV) Recent advances of transplant surgery. Wed 27 March, 9pm, BBC 4 (or on iPlayer)
GCSE and A level Biologists Terry Pratchett: Facing Extinction (TV) Sir Terry Pratchett finds out what the future holds for orangutans. Wed 27 March, 9pm, BBC 2 (or on iPlayer)
GCSE and A Level Chemists In Our Time (Radio) Melvin Bragg et al discuss H2O the abundant molecule with the extraordinary properties. Thurs 28 March, 9:05am, Radio 4 (or on iPlayer)
KS2 and 3 Scientists Deadly Mission Madagascar (TV) Track down the world’s rarest lemurs. Thurs 28 March, 10:50am, and Sun 31 March, 12:05pm, CBBC channel (or on iPlayer)
Any enthusiastic people The Blue Planet (TV) A natural history of the oceans. Thurs 28 and Fri 29 March, 4:15pm, BBC 2 (or on iPlayer)
A level scientists Material World (Radio) Discussing the week’s science news. Thurs 28 March, 4:30pm, Radio 4, or available as a podcast
Any enthusiastic people Horizon (TV) Finding out the truth about taste. Thurs 28 March, 9pm, BBC 2 (or on iPlayer)
Any enthusiastic Biologists Secrets of Our Living Planet (TV) The secret of the savannah – how this amazing grassland flourishes. Sun 31 March, 3:55pm, BBC 2 (or on iPlayer)
Any enthusiastic people Naked Scientists (Radio) The Naked Scientists tackle questions from the everyday to the totally odd! Sun 31 March, 6pm, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (or on iPlayer)
Any enthusiastic people Insect Dissection (TV) Find out how insects work in this fascinating dissection. On iPlayer
GCSE and A Level Biologists In Our Time (Radio) A discussion on the work of Alfred Russell Wallace. On iPlayer
Any enthusiastic people Bang Goes The Theory  (TV) They’re back, and this time Maggie Philbin from Tomorrow’s World is with them! On iPlayer
Any enthusiastic podcast fans Science Weekly with Alok Jha A whole range of science & technology is explored in this podcast from the Guardian. via iTunes (or your chosen podcast player)
Any enthusiastic podcast fans Science in Action New developments in science from around the world from the BBC. via iTunes (or your chosen podcast player)
Any enthusiastic podcast fans The Naked Scientists A podcast from the live Naked Scientists radio show – laying science bare, answering questions and interviewing top scientists via iTunes (or your chosen podcast player)
GCSE & A level scientists How Stuff Works – Stuff You Should Know A podcast (which isn’t always science but is very good anyway) packed with stuff you should know about. via iTunes (or your chosen podcast player)
Any enthusiastic podcast fans Little Atoms Podcast A podcast from the live Little Atoms talk show.

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  1. Kate Gartside says:

    “The Challenger” is now available to buy on iTunes.

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