TV and Radio Guide w/c 16 September 2013

Another quick post – sorry, the day job keeps getting in the way.

Once again Sarah has collated the links for you. There are two new series starting this week which we would recommend you watch, Science Britannica with Professor Brian Cox, and David Attenborough’s Rise of Animals. Keep an eye out for them.

Both Sarah’s and my pick of the week is The Life Scientific with the mathematician Professor Ian Stewart. He’s a fabulous popular science writer specialising in mathematics and has also co-written the Science of Discworld with Terry Pratchett. (Also I used to live next door but three when I was four years old).

Also worth listening to is Inside Science. I think this programme is definitely a worthy replacement for Material World. Over the last two weeks they have had discussions about practical work in the science classroom. Alom Shaha sparked off the debate and its continued last week with an excellent interview with Professor Robin Millar from the University of York.

[EDIT] I contacted the producer of Inside Science, Michelle Martin, via @AdamRutherford on Twitter and thanks to the sterling work of Jen Whyntie (of Interacting Weekly podcast fame) who works for Radio 4 online I’ve managed to get the clips put online.
Here’s the first introductory debate between Alom Shaha and Professor Jim Iley and Professor Robin Millar’s interview from the following week

I was hoping to embed them, however doesn’t allow flash embedding so back to the drawing board. Thanks again Jen. [/EDIT]


Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20130916.pdf

Calendar reminders: There is now a Google calendar available with all the week’s TV on it. This allows notifications to be sent via twitter. This is still in “beta” so please bear with us. If you click on the calendar entry the description gives you a link to the programme webpage.

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