TV and Radio Guide w/c 4th November 2013

Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school: Science TV and Radio Guide_20131104.pdf

Welcome back after a blustery and wet half term. I hate doing short posts, but there’s been too much else on today as well as preparing the guide to spend lots of time on it. Sarah’s picks are: The Living World about Fairy Rings for her GCSE students who are studying fungi, and Science Cafe, who are celebrating the 150th anniversary of Alfred Russel Wallace’s birth. Against my better judgement, my pick of the week is Richard Hammond building a universe. He’s not my favourite science presenter, but the programmes he does are usually well made. Catch the previous planet building episode on iPlayer. Also try to catch Jim Al-Khalil reviewing the development of the theory of the Big Bang.


Calendar reminders: We’ve made available a Google Calendar with all the week’s TV and Radio on it. This allows notifications to be sent via twitter. This is still in “beta” so please bear with us. If you click on the calendar entry the description gives you a link to the programme webpage. I’ve not yet done the calendar reminders, so you won’t get any tomorrow, but the should kick in from Tuesday.

All the links to this week’s programmes can be found in this bundle.


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