#ASEChat 16th December 2013 – Teaching Science with Food

Here’s the . I’ve reordered it so that related tweets are together where possible (start at the bottom).

Highlights were:

  • Maillard reaction
  • Thermal Conductivity of different foods.
  • Getting energy from food (e.g. Screaming Jelly Baby, Flour/Icing sugar explosions, burning tortillas to find calorific value)
  • Modelling different scientific concepts with food: pizza cells, jelly cells, half-life with beer, skittles.
  • Lots of chocolate ideas.
  • Jelly baby wave machine
  • Taste tests
  • Can you make jelly with kiwi fruit/pineapple? Tests – canned/fresh? Why not?
  • Material science with food: spaghetti breaking in two, stretchy laces, compression of crunchies

The University of Nottingham also highlighted some Food Science summer school courses as they are trying to highlight Food Science at university.

Leave comments with further ideas – or tweet them with the #asechat hashtag.

A successful session on Monday, thank you all for your contributions.


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