TV and Radio Guide w/c 20th January 2014

Firstly, an apology for missing last week’s TV and Radio guide. It was a rather momentous occasion for the Science TV and Radio Guide as @MrsDrSarah and I met in person for the first time at the ASE Annual conference in Birmingham. It was a very busy weekend and unfortunately the guide was the casualty of not enough spare time.

Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom – back for Series 2

However, we’re back and so are the cheeky duo Dick and Dom with their second series of Absolute Genius. The series last year caught me by surprise. I only heard about it through a colleague on twitter who used to teach Fran Scott, the science expert on the programme. Annoyingly this brilliant programme doesn’t show up in the Science and Nature category on the BBC schedules, which is a shame as it an Absolute Genius piece of programming, aimed effectively at older primary, and perhaps KS3 students.

Highlights are :

  • Absolute Genius – Dick and Dom are looking at the Wright brothers and the science of powered flight.
  • Hidden Kingdoms – How a young chipmunk in the woods of North America and a tree-shrew in the rain forest survive in the very different habitats.
  • Pain, Pus and Poison: The Search for Modern Medicine – Michael Mosley takes us on a journey through the discovery and development of our most useful and valuable drugs.
  • Project Nim – another chance to see the fantastic documentary about Nim Chimpsky, the chimpanzee who was the subject of a landmark experiment to see if he could develop the use of human language under the right conditions.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140120.pdf

Calendar reminders: We’ve made available a Google Calendar with all the week’s TV and Radio on it. This allows notifications to be sent via twitter. This is still in “beta” so please bear with us. If you click on the calendar entry the description gives you a link to the programme webpage. All the links to this week’s programmes can be found in this bundle.


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