TV and Radio Guide w/c 27th January 2014

So yesterday was a bit of a blur, and I only just managed to get the guide out Monday morning at break time. Sorry once again for the delay.

A number of picks this week:

  • Horizon – Sugar v Fat – the evidence about what is worse for you, sugar or fat, has taken a new direction in the last few years, with more and more studies showing how and why sugar is so bad for you. Horizon compares the two with a unique experiment. Identical twin doctors follow radically different diets to try to determine the effects.
  • Fixing Nitrogen (on iPlayer now) – with @SellatheChemist looking at alternatives to producing Nitrogen via the Haber process for fertiliser.
  • Inside the Animal Mind – with Chris Packham, looking at what it would be like if we had the senses of other animals.
  • Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom – they’re investigating Fleming and his discovery of penicillin.
  • Pain, Pus, and Poison – Michael Mosley tackles infection.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140127.pdf

Calendar reminders: We’ve made available a Google Calendar with all the week’s TV and Radio on it. This allows notifications to be sent via twitter. This is still in “beta” so please bear with us. If you click on the calendar entry the description gives you a link to the programme webpage. All the links to this week’s programmes can be found in this bundle.


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