TV and Radio Guide w/c 31st March 2014

Some great TV and Radio next week including:

  • Jim Al-Khalili’s brilliant Chemistry: A Volatile History on Saturday.
  • Jim Al-Khalili also talks with Veronica van Heyningen about the discovery of Pax-6 (a key gene for the eye) in a Life Scientific on Tuesday
  • Bang Goes The Theory looking into old age on Monday
  • Costing the Eath discusses the recent report from the IPCC
  • Horizon: Living with Autism
  • Inside Science doing its thing on Thursday
  • In Our Time on the states of matter on Thursday morning.
  • Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson on Sunday (if you have Sky)

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140331.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 24th March 2014

Just the guide today.


Science TV and Radio Guide_20140324.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 17th March 2014

Some great programmes on this week including:


Science TV and Radio Guide_20140317.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 10th March 2014

OK – I said lunchtime, and it’s lunchtime somewhere in the world – just ask the ISS.

Sarah has collated the programmes and her pick is Live from Space on Channel 4 and my pick of the week is on National Geographic if you have it – Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – I will be getting the DVD! 

Sorry again for the delay. Back to normal service next week.

Thanks for your support… 


Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140310.pdf

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TV Guide Hiatus

Hi all,

I’ve received a comment today on the blog asking whether we’ve stopped doing the guide. The quick answer is no.

The problem has been that the guide is a time intensive operation and is generally done over our weekend. Both Sarah and I have been busy with work, away, ill etc over the 2 week staggered 1/2 term period.

I was hoping to post the guide this evening, but I’m currently preparing for an lesson observation tomorrow.

I’m really sorry for letting you all down over the last few weeks, but please be assured that producing the guide is still an ongoing concern; I just have to get better at producing it more quickly.

Many thanks to your continued support.

Alex (and Sarah)