TV Guide Hiatus

Hi all,

I’ve received a comment today on the blog asking whether we’ve stopped doing the guide. The quick answer is no.

The problem has been that the guide is a time intensive operation and is generally done over our weekend. Both Sarah and I have been busy with work, away, ill etc over the 2 week staggered 1/2 term period.

I was hoping to post the guide this evening, but I’m currently preparing for an lesson observation tomorrow.

I’m really sorry for letting you all down over the last few weeks, but please be assured that producing the guide is still an ongoing concern; I just have to get better at producing it more quickly.

Many thanks to your continued support.

Alex (and Sarah)


6 Responses to TV Guide Hiatus

  1. Conheeney, C (Tapton Teacher) says:

    Thank you for doing it when you can! Much appreciated! Good luck with the observation! Chris


  2. Ann Bullen says:

    Thanks for this, it REALLY is appreciated.

  3. Stephen Jones says:

    Just to say a huge “thank you” for producing this and, if there is anything I could do to help compile it (especially on busy weeks for you) I would be more than happy to help.


  4. aegilopoides says:

    I’m also willing to help out if needed. I really appreciate the effort that you both go to.

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