TV and Radio Guide w/c 23rd June 2014

Sorry for the delay – I was run down with hayfever yesterday – thanks to Sarah for collating the links.

This week brings us

  •  A new series of Just So Science which takes the animals from Rudyard Kipling’s Just So stories and investigates the real reasons why the animals developed as they did (go back and catch today’s about the camel’s hump: it’s fascinating). This is Sarah’s pick of the week.
  • Discovery (catch it tomorrow at 4:32 pm on World Service) looks at if mental ability declines with age.
  • The Life Scientific; Jim speaks to botanist Sandy Knapp.
  • Rise of the Continents – this amazing series looks at the geological history of each of the continents with Iain Stewart; this week it’s Africa and it’s my pick of the week
  • Science Cafe is Sarah’s second pick of the week and it’s all about self perception.
  • Frontiers – latest techniques in monitoring anaesthetics.
  • Inside Science: BBC Radio 4’s flagship science programme announces the winner of the Longitude prize (you can still vote)
  • Precision: the Measure of all Things. A great series looking at the units we use to measure the world, starting with the metre and the second.
  • Archive on 4 – Buzz Aldrin relives the first manned descent to the surface of the moon.

And more still available online from last week.


Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140623.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 16th June 2014

A few gems this week – Sarah’s pick of the week is the Life Scientific with Chris Lintott curator of the the Galaxy Zoo and other animals. Mine is the The Battle to Beat Polio which I missed a few weeks ago when it was first broadcast.


Science TV and Radio Guide_20140616.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 2nd June 2014

A quieter week this week – Sarah’s pick of the day is the Life Scientific and mine is the Sky at Night.

This week’s highlights include:

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140602.pdf

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