TV and Radio Guide w/c 29 September 2014

A quieter week this week.

This week brings us:

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140929.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 22 September 2014

So, after a week of no TV and Radio Guide (boo) I’ve stayed up late to make sure I post this one (yay).

This week brings us:

I’ve also included a new podcast – Hello Internet FM – do go and listen to the last 20 episodes when you’ve got about 30 hours to spare. They’re rambling and great.

EDIT – and missed this off the guide sorry: The Singularity about the point in time where machines match human intelligence; I will be recommending to my Computer Science students.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140922.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 8 September 2014

Welcome back to a new term. This is a little late, but I was at ResearchEd on Saturday and so didn’t have time to post till now.

This week brings us:

  • Discovery Biohazard – good one for BTEC L3 students if they can catch the podcast.
  • The Beauty of Anatomy
  • Horizon – Ebola: Search for a cure
  • Inside Science
  • Operation Stonehenge
  • Inside Intuition
  • Five Live Science and the Naked Scientists.
  • Seven Ages of Starlight
  • Sky at Night
  • The Comet’s Tale

Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140908.pdf

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