TV and Radio Guide w/c 13 October 2014

Some good news: the BBC have announced that they will be keeping episodes available to view or listen on iPlayer for 30 days as standard instead of the previous 7 days. This means that we will no longer be doing the round up of the previous week (indeed I had already stopped), but it also means that the links in these posts and posters will be able to be used for longer, giving you a little more time to incorporate into lessons or extended learning opportunities (yes, I could have simply written homework).

My pick of the week has to be Human Universe after last week’s stunning first episode; see my review. And Sarah’s pick is Plants: from Roots to Riches which this week is focusing on photosynthesis; see this accompanying resource Sarah has found from SAPS on C4 photosynthesis in rice.

Other recommendations are:

  • The Life Scientific: Inventor of the Year, Chris Toumazou is interviewed by Jim Al-Khalili about the impact of his early research
  • Inside Science: Solar physicist Dr Lucie Green gives us her round up of the week’s news and views in the scientific world.
  • Wonders of the Monsoon – it’s the dry season.
  • Naked Scientists: answering science questions from listeners and 5 Live Science where those Naked Scientists go through the week’s science news.
  • and loads more

Remember, there are science programmes available on 4oD even if none are being broadcast at the moment – I will do a round up of the best available next week.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20141013.pdf


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