TV and Radio Guide w/c 20 October 2014

Hello again…

Sarah’s pick of the week is the new David Attenborough documentary – Life Story – which explores the steps animals make through their lives. The cinematography looks stunning.

Once again my pick of the week is  Human Universe, in which Professor Brian Cox explains the special so called Goldilocks conditions required for a civilisation such as ours to thrive in the universe… are we alone?

If you can, I recommend that you subscribe to or download the podcast of Plants: from Roots to Riches (there are 25 episodes available to listen to).

Other recommendations are:

  • Hidden Histories of the Information Age: the events and innovations from the age of communication
  • The Life Scientific: Maggie Boden is in discussion with Jim Al-Khalili about her experience in multiple academic subjects that help make her a world authority in the field of artificial intelligence.
  • Inside Science: Solar physicist Dr Lucie Green gives us her round up of the week’s news and views in the scientific world.
  • Wonders of the Monsoon: the thousands of islands that make up Malaysia and Indonesia are unique habitats that are affected greatly by the monsoon.
  • Naked Scientists: answering science questions from listeners and 5 Live Science where those Naked Scientists go through the week’s science news.
  • The Private Life of Plants: at the time it was made (the mid 1990s) this series was a triumph of special timelapse photography that gave a unique insight into the world of plants.

Remember, these programmes are now available for 30 days after broadcast on BBC iPlayer.

I promised a round up of the science programmes available on 4 on Demand this week, however as I am on half term next week I will be doing a round up of programmes instead of a full guide.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20141020.pdf


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