A TV and Radio Guide break…

Philae Lander - sleep

Philae is resting: The Rosetta lander


Dear teachers and students who use the science TV and Radio guide,

Sarah and I have been discussing the absence of the guide for the last few weeks and have come to a decision. We are both too busy to collate and produce the weekly guide at the moment. The autumn term has taken its toll on us both and we keep having to put off the labour of love that you all enjoy using. This leads to weekly disappointment for you and guilt and frustration for us.

So a decision… we’re going to stop producing the guide until the New Year. This will give us time to get all the other things like family life and work commitments in order. I will also endeavour to spend the time making the process more “helper friendly” so that the people who have kindly offered help in the past can support us next year.

Please continue to follow the @ScienceTVRadio twitter account as we will tweet and RT programmes that we think will interest you in the meantime.

Best wishes and a happy December and Christmas.

We’ll see you in the New Year.



2 Responses to A TV and Radio Guide break…

  1. Chris Conheeney says:

    Thanks for what you’ve done anyway! Know how you’re feeling; this term is always a killer! Have a lovely Christmas when it comes

  2. Ann Bullen says:

    Sorry to hear this but I do understand. Please come back refreshed, we love this Guide.

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