TV and Radio Guide w/c 26 Jan 2015

The ascent of Everest. The original footage restored and colourised by the BFI.

Some more older Horizon films this week, as well as Sarah’s pick of the week – a restored film documenting the ascent of Everest.
Other highlights include: Inside Science, The Infinite Monkey Cage and Could we Survive a Mega Tsunami.

If you can – catch last week’s Inside Science for a great piece on light.

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150126.pdf


TV and Radio Guide w/c 19 Jan 2015

The Infinite Monkey Cage returns. This week: deception.

Sarah’s pick of the week is also mine: Yes, those science monkeys are back with more guests to pull apart non-scientific thinking and discuss ideas that are beyond us mere mortals. Other than that it’s a quiet week with nothing much else catching our eye – though you could catch up on lots of Horizon’s if the fancy takes you.

Check out the 3 recommended videos on the bottom of the guide. The first is the set of 3 Christmas Lectures, How to Hack Your Home, which are now online at the RI Science site. The other two are both produced by (indeed one written) by Alom Shaha, one (The Electric Sausage) for the STEM Centre and the other (Why science is NOT ‘Just a Theory’) for the RI Science site. Check them out.

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150119.pdf


TV and Radio Guide w/c 12 Jan 2015

Quick post this week – will blog more later –

Highlights are

  • Brainwaves (from Monday) Jocelyn Bell Burnell on her discoveries and gender in scientific academia.
  • What’s The Right Diet For You? A Horizon Special. Following a study of 75 people trying tailored diets.
  • The Sky At Night. From last Sunday. Great new insights into the Milky Way.
  • TED Radio Hour: Why We Fear. Chris Hadfield joins Guy Raz for a discussion on the psychology of and need for fear.
  • And in case you missed it from last week: Self Orbits Cern. The link is to the podcast of this 5 part set of musings by Will Self as he treks, ambles, and scent-marks his way round the 27km of the Large Hadron Collider. This is an exploration into the meaning of high energy science, and why science is such a great vehicle to be on for the journey into the unknown. Episode 4, when Will suddenly gets it, is great. My retrospective pick of last week.

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150112.pdf


TV and Radio Guide w/c 5 Jan 2015


2015 is the International Year of Light

Happy New Year. We’re back.

We’re looking forward to a year of Science TV and Radio with hopefully no interruptions to the guide this year. Things to look out for in the next few months are a new series of The Infinite Monkey Cage and StarGazing Live in March to coincide with the solar eclipse.

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