TV and Radio Guide w/c 2 March 2015

I hate doing this but I’m going to take a raincheck from the TV guide this week. I have a very busy week ahead and the overhead of preparing the TV and Radio Guide is just too great.

I do have some recommendations though:

  • Firstly – last few weeks we’ve completely missed the rather excellent Iain Stewart and his series Planet Oil. It didn’t show up in the science and nature listings, so very sorry about that. Catch-up on iPlayer. It’s rather good. You can also catch him on Tuesday night in the repeat of Rise of the Continents
  • On Monday night: Climate Change by Numbers is a look at the public understanding of the climate science data and an analysis by mathematicians Dr Hannah Fry, Prof Norman Fenton and Prof David Spiegelhalter. Then on Wednesday Dr Helen Czerski gives an overview of the history of climate science in: Climate Change: A Horizon Guide
  • Horizon on Tuesday should be a stunning look at our new and ever-changing understanding of the Secrets of the Solar System
  • Michael Mosley’s last episode in his series Pain Pus and Poison
  • and of course: Inside Science on Thursday.

If I see any more I’ll update the post and tweet the links.

My apologies to your students. Back next week.

Alex & Sarah



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