Science TV and Radio for the week commencing 29th June 2015


The posts are quick at the moment as there is too much else going on. But here’s next week’s guide ready to share with your students. Thanks to Sarah for collating the programmes.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150629.pdf

The pick of the week is The Life Scientific – Jim Al-Khalili talking to Henry Marsh about his work in the field of neuroscience.

Science TV and Radio for week commencing 22nd June 2015

I’ll add some picks of the week on Monday.

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150622.pdf

Science TV and Radio for week commencing 15 June 2015

Another quick post.

Look out for:

Tuesday: Life Scientific, Sky at Night , Dara O Briain meets Stephen Hawking

Wednesday: Science Stories: The engine that nearly ran out of steam

Thursday: Inside Science, Catching History’s Criminals

Here’s the guide to share with your students

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150615.pdf

Science TV and Radio Week Commencing 8th June 2015

No fanfare or big announcement, but exam season is almost over, Alex has a new job and well, it’s been too long really hasn’t it?
Our picks of the week include:
 Mark Miodownik on Everyday Miracles throughout the week.
 Science Stories: The Bone Wars on Radio 4 Wednesday evening.
TV and Radio guide can be found here: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150608.pdf
Please share it with your students. It prints out very nicely to 2 A3 sheets. Perfect for the school notice board.
Check out this rather awesome pair of videos demonstrating the Coriolis effect on both the northern and southern hemispheres. You need to sync them.