Science TV and Radio: week commencing 21st September 2015

Title 20150921Hello, and welcome back to the Teachers Guide to the Airwaves, a wholly remarkable PDF, brought to you by the great publishing house on Ursa Minor Beta… ok perhaps not.

But I’m back. And the guide has changed. I and my partner in crime @MrsDrSarah are unable to dedicate the time required to produce the guide in its previous form. So I’m going to be giving you the top 15 (ish) programmes of the week in a handy one page sheet.

The QR codes are still there, and I hope that this format is slightly more appealing to you and your students. As ever comments are more than welcome. I am also going to be including more computer science programmes whenever they show up as that reflects the subjects that I am involved with in my school.

The main focus of this and the last few weeks at the BBC has been on coding and computing and so there are a few programmes to catch up with, including Computing Britain and Girls Can Code. Also at the end of the week Radio 3 are doing a themed weekend called #whymusic, which will include a few programmes looking at the link between music and the brain.

Anyway, without further ado, your new guide. Enjoy.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150921.pdf

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