What is the science teaching library?

This blog holds a crowd sourced list of books that science teachers would recommend to their students or each other to read. It might be that you use this list to suggest books for your school library, or you buy them cheaply (charity shops) to lend out to students from your classroom.

It is also the home of the weekly Science TV and Radio Guide collated by@a_weatherall and @mrsdrsarah (whose brilliant idea it was in the first place). Each week we post a  spreadsheet that contains most (if  not all) of the week’s science on the TV and Radio along with recommendations. The idea is that you can share science programmes with your students, and point them towards things that they might not have watched by themselves. We also trawl the internet for good science videos for you to use in class.

Suggest books by tweeting with the hashtag #sciteachlib or adding a comment to this post. Try to include author and link to book on Amazon etc. I will curate the list and ask suggestors to post a review in comments. Hope you find this resource useful. More book reviews to be posted very soon. I would love to have some guest reviews of good science books if people have time. Send me a tweet if you fancy submitting a review @a_weatherall.

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