A Science Journal Club for 6th Form Students

Sarah (@MrsDrSarah) has been running a journal club in her school for her sixth form students and wanted to share her Journal Club schedule (docx) so that other teachers could adapt for their setting.



My main aim with the club is to get A level scientists talking about science – not necessarily about things they are studying, though there are some weeks where I have deliberately linked to recent topics in class.  It will hopefully help those who are planning to study sciences at a higher level without excluding those who are not expecting to take it further than A level.
The fact that I am a Structural Biochemist by training is evident in my choices of some of the papers, though I have roped some colleagues in, so next term there might be more variety.  Having said that, the majority of those attending are Biologists, so it fits for the group I have.  One of the papers is one from the lab I worked in form my PhD.
Currently I have 10 upper 6th attending weekly (in a year group of 40!) and I start the lower 6th this week, so we will see how much enthusiasm there is for it with the younger group who are just settling in for 6th Form life.  A group of 10 means that they have enough opportunity to share their ideas and balance the conversation without people getting lost.  It certainly helps that the group know each other well, especially as it feels as if there’s more buy-in for them committing to read the articles if they are going to be talking about them with their friends.
I would welcome suggestions for papers/articles if anyone has suggestions for topics they think would be valuable.