Starting up the Video Library

Today I was reminded once again of the original purpose of this blog – to collate content to support the teaching of science. Originally it was to be books, and science videos. But then it became the home of the TV and Radio guide and the original purpose was slightly lost as the guide is a time consuming job.

Alex Quigley (@HuntingEnglish) tweeted

So here’s my more helpful reply #shirtbuddy…

Here are the videos that I collate as playlists on my youtube channel.

And other playlists from channels I subscribe to:

Brady Haran’s selection of channels are excellent

Some more random channels

And more random videos I’ve just seen on Twitter:

via @DrDav Rutherford’s Gold Leaf apparatus rebuilt

This is just a part of my youtube collection – there are also permanently available iPlayer videos and clips as well as Vimeo (e.g. this gem of a video about a scale model of the solar system and this one where we travel from the surface of the sun out across the solar system at the speed of light– 40 mins and we just get past Jupiter) and other sources.

I will expand this resource to make it more useful – i.e. more specific videos and uses in the classroom when I have the inclination 🙂

Let me know of any other gems in the comments. ( e.g. there’s Alom Shaha’s Demo Films) 

I told you there were a lot Alex Q.