Science TV and Radio for week commencing 22nd June 2015

I’ll add some picks of the week on Monday.

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150622.pdf


Science TV and Radio for week commencing 15 June 2015

Another quick post.

Look out for:

Tuesday: Life Scientific, Sky at Night , Dara O Briain meets Stephen Hawking

Wednesday: Science Stories: The engine that nearly ran out of steam

Thursday: Inside Science, Catching History’s Criminals

Here’s the guide to share with your students

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150615.pdf

Science TV and Radio Week Commencing 8th June 2015

No fanfare or big announcement, but exam season is almost over, Alex has a new job and well, it’s been too long really hasn’t it?
Our picks of the week include:
 Mark Miodownik on Everyday Miracles throughout the week.
 Science Stories: The Bone Wars on Radio 4 Wednesday evening.
TV and Radio guide can be found here: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150608.pdf
Please share it with your students. It prints out very nicely to 2 A3 sheets. Perfect for the school notice board.
Check out this rather awesome pair of videos demonstrating the Coriolis effect on both the northern and southern hemispheres. You need to sync them.

2 week hiatus on the Guide

Hello loyal fans, followers, TV and Radio addicts.

It is with great regret that I’m putting a pause on the guide for a couple of weeks until the exam / coursework rush is out the way.

Sorry for any disappointment.


TV and Radio Guide w/c 20 April 2015

Right, so I promised a normal post this week, however, it is the week of the school show, there is a lot of marking to be done and I’m up to my ears in researchEd programmes.


So I’m afraid I’m just going to tell you that it’s a quiet week for science on the TV and Radio, but there are some gems, including: The Life Scientific, The Art of Remastering, Secrets of Bones and Click

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150420.pdf

TV and Radio Guide w/c 13 April 2015

There is a slight technical issue which means the guide cannot be posted tonight – I will aim to post tomorrow evening.

My Apologies.

OK – super TV and Radio fans:

Here’s the guide – sorry for no accompanying information this week. Service back to normal next week.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150413.pdf

Science TV and Radio Guide on Holiday

Hello dear readers.

We’re having a break for the 2 week holiday. Will post the guide again Sunday 12th April – hope you all have a pleasant break.

Best wishes,

@a_weatherall and @mrsdrsarah

TV and Radio Guide w/c 23 March 2015

The clocks go forward on Sunday so here’s Stephen Fry on why we do it.


Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school

Plenty to choose from this week, including Episode 2 of Jim Al-Khalili’s excellent Chemistry series, and Michael Mosley investigating his own blood. Starting the week off are two programmes about the desperate straits we are getting into with antibiotics. Then Quentin Cooper looks at Capturing Light with three guests. In Our Time is a biography of the Curies and there is a programme from Radio Ulster about pioneering astronomer and solar photographer Annie Maunder. Stephen Fry has two programmes on the radio on Saturday, one about the Millenium Bug and the explaining Daylight Savings. And of course, Inside Science.

There will be a two week guide break over Easter – I will post anything that looks really interesting on the @scienceTVRadio twitter feed.

Thanks for your support.

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150323.pdf

TV and Radio Guide w/c 16 March 2015

Dara O’Briain and Brian Cox – hosting a live broadcast of Star Gazing Live during the Solar Eclipse on Friday morning.

Star gazing Live is back this week – covering the eclipse as well as the Rosetta mission with Matt Taylor and manned space exploration with Buzz Aldrin.

Try to organise something in your school if you can – even if it is just watching the live video feed from the Faroe Islands (which is where the umbra will fall during totality). The UK will be treated to about 90% totality (we will lie in the penumbra).

Some information on the eclipse and about viewing times can be found on MeteorWatch here and some methods for viewing from the IOP on the last pages of this month’s Classroom Physics


Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school



Other picks include:

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150316.pdf

TV and Radio Guide w/c 9 March 2015

Please excuse the short post and enjoy this week’s Science TV and Radio. There is a lot on this week – I’ve had to drop the podcasts list.

Picks include:

Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150309.pdf