TV Guide w/c 10th December 2012

This week’s TV Guide is collated by @MrsDrSarah (see older archives of TV Guides here and here) is now available.

A bit of a quiet week this week as Science Club has come to the end of its first series (it has a special episode airing at Christmas though), so this week is mainly for the biologists. Loads of David Attenborough on iPlayer and @MrsDrSarah’s pick of the week is the Frontiers: DNA radio programme now only available on iPlayer – she says “it was fascinating, especially the comment that now more DNA can be sequenced in a second than was possible in the span of a PhD about a decade ago”. I have to agree.  The repeated series First Life about the evolution of the early forms of life on earth is also worth a watch (more info on the series can be found here).

An early reminder about Science on TV at Christmas: tell your students (especially chemists) about the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures which, this year, are entitled The Modern Alchemist. They will be broadcast on the BBC this Christmas. Also check out the excellent Royal Institution RI Channel for past Christmas Lectures, the great Tales from the Prep Room video series as well loads of other video clips from TV science communicators such as Brian Cox, Dara O’Briain, Liz Bonnin etc, all organised into themes or collections. It really is a fabulous resource.

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