TV and Radio Guide w/c 13 April 2015

There is a slight technical issue which means the guide cannot be posted tonight – I will aim to post tomorrow evening.

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OK – super TV and Radio fans:

Here’s the guide – sorry for no accompanying information this week. Service back to normal next week.

Science TV and Radio Guide_20150413.pdf

TV and Radio Guide w/c 23 March 2015

The clocks go forward on Sunday so here’s Stephen Fry on why we do it.


Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school

Plenty to choose from this week, including Episode 2 of Jim Al-Khalili’s excellent Chemistry series, and Michael Mosley investigating his own blood. Starting the week off are two programmes about the desperate straits we are getting into with antibiotics. Then Quentin Cooper looks at Capturing Light with three guests. In Our Time is a biography of the Curies and there is a programme from Radio Ulster about pioneering astronomer and solar photographer Annie Maunder. Stephen Fry has two programmes on the radio on Saturday, one about the Millenium Bug and the explaining Daylight Savings. And of course, Inside Science.

There will be a two week guide break over Easter – I will post anything that looks really interesting on the @scienceTVRadio twitter feed.

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Here’s the guide: Science TV and Radio Guide_20150323.pdf

TV and Radio Guide w/c 4th March 2013

A quick post this week – Sarah has collated the guide this week and her pick of the week is Material World discussing ‘junk’ DNA. One of her friends works in this field studying non-coding DNA, so it holds particular interest for her. Sarah is also going to ask her A level biologists to listen to it for homework. How many of you use the guide in this way, to set further learning opportunities for your students? Let us know in the comments if you have any specific ideas or examples.

I noticed this week that Bang Goes the Theory is back on for a new series. This programme always has interesting items and this series Tomorrow’s World presenter Maggie Philbin is joining the team. During the first episode Jem Stansfield is going to try to make plastic from potatoes – good for GSCE C1:, I’ll be watching with interest.

I love these videos from Veritasium. Derek often starts his videos by finding out what people know about the particular subject and this video is no different: people in Sydney are astounded by the results of Young’s Double Slit experiment. What is Light?: I’ll be passing this on to my A Level Physicists. (A point of interest, the 2 people with Derek in the vault under the Royal Society are Brady Haran, who makes the PeriodicVideos and Henry Reich who makes the MinutePhysics videos. They all met up in London last summer so there is a lot of crossover in their videos at the moment).

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