TV and Radio Guide w/c 10th February 2014

It’s a quiet week this week. Sarah has collated the programmes and her pick is the Infinite Monkey Cage special on BBC Radio 4Extra from last year. My pick of the week is Horizon – Man on Mars 

Other highlights include:

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 13 May 2013

A slightly quieter week for Science TV and Radio this week, with a few repeats of recent programming. The Fantastic Mr Feynman is on again Tuesday night, and the daily natural history programme (BBC 1 4:15 Monday – Friday) finishes off Life in the Undergrowth and continues with Planet Earth. Heather Couper’s series on the development of astronomy Cosmic Quest continues also.

Sarah’s pick is the repeat of the Marie Curie documentary. I’ve still to catch this so I will make sure I watch it. My pick is the In Our Time discussion on Cosmic Rays. I’ll recommend it to my A Level Physicists, but I’m sure they’ll be far too busy revising! The Science of DIY on Sunday may be of assistance to them for their mechanics revision.

I’m going to repeat a video pick from a few weeks ago. It is exam season and if you haven’t shared these videos on with your GCSE students do it tomorrow; they really help with revision.

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 6 May 2013

Sorry it’s so late. The bank holiday weekend has caught me by surprise, and it’s  joint effort in collating next week’s TV and Radio for you (Sarah started, but is now in a field somewhere doing DoE with Y11).

Some really good programmes this week, ranging from cats and dogs, to the journey of sound waves, via the story of NASAs first trip to the moon, finding out if there’s life on Mars, with a grand finish: a repeat of The Challenger followed by a documentary about Richard Feynman on Sunday night. My pick of the week is a daily set of essays on Radio 3, which this week is looking at the inhabitants of Antarctica to mark the centenary of Roald Amundsen’s journey to the South Pole. I’ll be setting my podcast player to download these.

There are a couple more daily programmes this week: Life in the Undergrowth, Attenborough’s series on Invertebrates and Cosmic Quest (a 30 part Radio series by Heather Couper on the history of astronomy).

The most amazing video this week was A Boy and His Atom. This is officially the world’s smallest movie and was made by IBM researchers moving individual carbon monoxide molecules. The RI Channel has more information including a video about how the animated movie was made.

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