TV and Radio Guide w/c 4th February 2013

Dick and Dom in a science lab
Wow, we’re in February already and about 10% of the year gone. There’s more great science in the TV and radio guide this week (collated by @MrsDrSarah). Sarah’s pick of the week is Science Cafe on Radio 4 (Tues, 6:30pm) for GCSE and A level chemists – considering how our growing reliance on modern technology is creating a shortage of critical elements.  My pick of the week is Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom on CBBC (Wed 6:15pm). This week’s episode is about one of the fathers of Physics: Sir Isaac Newton. I am really enjoying this show and pleased that CBBC have made the decision to put such informative TV onto the schedule. They’re doing a great job of combining the history of scientific discovery with the fun and wonder of science; perfect for early KS3.

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TV Guide w/c 28th January 2013

Life on Earth – the complete series.

This week is a full week of science on TV so the guide runs two whole pages. I never get bored of seeing Sir David Attenborough so my 1st pick of the week is a repeat of the landmark series Life On Earth which is a real treat especially if you’ve never seen it. It is 13 episodes long and the first 5 are on at 4:15pm every weekday this week. Another pick is the CBBC series Absolute Genius with Dick and Dom. Last week they had a high octane look at the life and work of Archimedes and it is still on iPlayer and this week they’re looking at the rocket scientist Wernher von Braun – perfect for younger scientists. I’m also looking forward to Discovery on Monday evening about Quantum Biology (look out for a related web video of the week next week). The Genius of Invention was full of useful information and demo’s but the format felt a little forced. Still, this week’s is about the combustion engine and jet engine, so should be loads of science in there. Oh and Professor Brian Cox is on for 2 hours on Sunday with The Wonders of Life, about how our senses evolved, and a repeat of his star studded science lecture from Christmas 2011.

I’ve highlighted these and other picks in the table below.

This week’s web video pick is a recent video about the Iodine Clock filmed with a high speed camera: – PeriodicVideos is a fantastic resource of videos on all the different elements “starring” Professor Martyn Poliakoff.