TV and Radio Guide w/c 17th March 2014

Some great programmes on this week including:


Science TV and Radio Guide_20140317.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 10th March 2014

OK – I said lunchtime, and it’s lunchtime somewhere in the world – just ask the ISS.

Sarah has collated the programmes and her pick is Live from Space on Channel 4 and my pick of the week is on National Geographic if you have it – Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey – I will be getting the DVD! 

Sorry again for the delay. Back to normal service next week.

Thanks for your support… 


Download the PDF version of the guide to use at school

Science TV and Radio Guide_20140310.pdf

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TV Guide w/c 7th January 2013

Happy New Year! It’s been a hectic holiday for me as I’ve been given an awesome Christmas present: a new baby daughter. And @MrsDrSarah, my TV guide collaborator (and brains behind the whole idea), has been at the ASE Conference for the last 3 days so she’s been rather busy too.

So I missed a guide last week, but if you’d been paying attention to your TV schedules and weren’t too distracted by Mary Poppins or Midsomer Murders, you will have noticed that a new David Attenborough series started on the BBC: Africa. This was filled with amazing footage of the various animals and birds of the Kalahari desert and the climax was a fight for dominance between two bull giraffes. The fight lasted a couple of minutes which was slowed down but if you take a minute to remind yourself of the scale of these animals it really is quite astounding behaviour that has been filmed, and well worth seeking out on iPlayer.

The even more observant of you will have noticed that a new David Attenborough series started on Sky: Galapagos 3DI’ve not seen this as I don’t have access to Sky, but the trailer looks fabulous. It’s a 3 part series looking at the influence the Galapagos islands have had on our understanding of evolution and adaptation. The link will allow you to watch the first episode Origin from New Years Day if you have a Sky account.

What a wonderful week of Science TV and Radio we have lined up for you. The second episodes of Africa and Galapagos would have been my picks of the week but it’s StarGazing Live week. Dara O’Briain and Brian (O)Cox are gracing our screens again with the help of Liz Bonnin and Mark Thompson. If you follow the link then you’ll find a wealth of information of things you could do in school or suggest for your students to do to join in. I realise this doesn’t give you much time to plan for this week; I will advise you earlier next year!

Stargazing Live – (Photo: Mel Gigg, Chipping Norton Amateur Astronomy Group from BBC Stargazing Website)

A new feature of the weekly TV Guide is a YouTube video link to share with your students. I’ve decided to start off with a year end video ( from the SciShow channel by Hank Green (one of the VlogBrothers – his brother is the author John Green) where he gives a run down of the science stories of 2012. Hank has a rather unique delivery (sometimes I think he may pass out mid sentence) however he and his brother are veteran YouTuber’s and his SciShow channel has a large selection of interesting videos. Read more of this post