TV and Radio Guide w/c 17th March 2014

Some great programmes on this week including:


Science TV and Radio Guide_20140317.pdf

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TV and Radio Guide w/c 18th March 2013

There is a surprising amount of insect related TV and Radio this week from dissections to alternative menu ideas. But my pick of the week is on Sunday; Project Nim is an award winning documentary about the chimpanzee Nim Chimpsky who was the subject of a study designed to find out if an ape could acquire language skills. He was treated as a human and developed the ability to use basic American Sign Language. I’ve not seen the film yet so am definitely going to be watching this.

I will also be looking forward to the insect dissection on Wednesday and I’ll be recommending the documentary about the Japanese family affected by the Fukashima disaster to my GCSE students as it will complement our lessons on radiation.

Sarah’s pick is  Bang Goes the Theory which is on a sugar rush this week. There has been a lot in the news recently about sugar in the diet affecting obesity. The team are going to be looking at how sugar is useful as well as why it is bad for you.

I also can’t resist pointing out that there are two radio programmes on sleep this week. The first on Monday is about why we sleep and the second is on the condition of insomnia with a repeat for those still awake at 4:30 in the morning! And continuing on from last week’s non-white male scientist pick (Elsie Widdowson), Professor Jocelyn Bell Burnell is interviewed in Science Cafe about her work as an astronomer and her discovery of pulsars.

It is National Science and Engineering Week this week and the theme this year is Invention and Discovery; so here are a few videos that follow that theme:

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