TV and Radio Guide w/c 18th November 2013

Comet ISON – Photo by Adam Block / Mount Lemmon SkyCenter / University of Arizona

This Monday sees Jim Al-Khalili explain how we’ve been able to discover so much about the universe through the manipulation of light in Light and Dark, and The Infinite Monkey Cage with Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince is back on the radio. Also we have a new episode of Horizon on Friday looking at Comet ISON which is currently making a show in the night sky.

Both Sarah and I are hoping that there will be more Chemistry programmes on our airwaves soon. I’ve been told that Professor Andrea Sella is “cooking up some Chem” for the Frontiers radio series soon. He’s also been on Business Daily for their Elements series (mp3 podcasts downloads here: A matter of life and phosphorous and Elemental business: Helium).

There are some video suggestions on the end of the guide this week, including a discourse by Professor Stephen Curry at the Royal Institution about the development of X-Ray crystallography.


Calendar reminders: We’ve made available a Google Calendar with all the week’s TV and Radio on it. This allows notifications to be sent via twitter. This is still in “beta” so please bear with us. If you click on the calendar entry the description gives you a link to the programme webpage.

All the links to this week’s programmes can be found in this bundle.

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